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Our 3BM curriculum team work with schools to raise pupils’ standards in computing.

Our service is aimed at being as flexible as possible. Key to our support is the quality of our advisors-consultants. Support will be bespoke to your school’s needs.

Consultant support could, for example, include:

  • support for the computing subject leader;
  • in-class support for any teacher;
  • training for NQTs, Teaching Assistants;
  • mapping / planning how to implement computing scheme of work;
  • support for EYFS/Foundation Stage staff;
  • support to embed computing within other subject areas;
  • training for staff, e.g. helping teachers maximise their use of LGfL content;
  • application training;
  • strategic and whole-school advice;
  • online safeguarding advice and support.


The service is usually provided as an annual ‘package of support’. Schools taking one of our ‘packages’ additionally gain the 3BM fully comprehensive scheme of work for computing (EYFS – Year 6), access to feedback online forum and regular newsletters.

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In order to help primary schools raise pupils’ standards in computing and ensure pupils are working at the highest age-appropriate levels, the 3BM team have produced a fully comprehensive, computing scheme of work which covers EYFS through to Year 6.

The scheme has robust assessment support, including differentiated outcomes for each ‘unit’ and additionally has pupil self-assessment. The scheme of work provides a range of units for each Year Group (c15 units / year – with c250 lessons) so schools can decide which units are best suited to their software and curriculum. All units come with full support materials.

The scheme is regularly reviewed, improved and added to meet changes in school technologies and curriculum content development. All updates come with the annual package.

The team can of course also support schools that use other computing schemes.

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Computing Scheme of Work

Download examples from our SOW HERE

Click HERE for SOW login page

Online safety is critical to Keeping Children Safe in Education. The 3BM education team are ‘experts’ in this area. Three of the team are on the London Online Safety Board. They work with Safeguarding teams in Local Authorities and with a range of national safeguarding organisations.

The team can help schools deliver and develop online safeguarding through aspects such as:

  • strategic advice for Senior Leadership Teams;
  • online safeguarding advice, training and support for staff;
  • online safety advice and training for governors;
  • online safeguarding workshops for parents/ carers;
  • planning and delivering digital literacy work with pupils;
  • support with reviewing / auditing online safety and e-security.


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The team run a range of computing training including:

  • Termly Computing Lead network days
  • CAS courses
  • New to being a Computing Subject Leader

To view our training schedule or make a booking, click on the link below:

You can follow us through our Twitter feed: @3bm_edu

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