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Rather than simply providing a helpdesk, our MIS / SIMS Support Service is designed to help you get the most from your data. We like to do more than just solve problems, we’re here to help you achieve your long term vision and provide strategic input.

Our experienced professionals deliver the service via a combination of helpdesk support, training courses, site visits and consultancy arrangements. Every school has a dedicated Link Officer who will analyse your individual requirements and ensure you get the best value from our service.


What’s included in the Support Service?


Analysis Reports

All schools receive our fantastic Attendance, Behaviour and Staff Absence analysis reports that are launched directly from SIMS. These in-depth reports will help you to identify the key trends within your establishment.



We offer a full training schedule throughout the academic year, with many courses provided as part of your Support Service. Take a look at our current training offering at training.3bmeducation.co.uk



Depending on your choice of SLA, our support service includes up to 3 half day consultancy visits. Additional consultancy time can be provided at an affordable daily rate.



Meet the 3BM team and other schools in your area to network, seek advice, share best practice and receive briefings on the latest developments

Our experts can create entirely bespoke Assessment models, in-depth analytics and provide guidance on the latest DFE/Ofsted requirements. In addition, we have developed a recommended approach for Primary and Nursery schools which has been taken up by hundreds of establishments.

SMART is our unique assessment model which combines a statement tracker, SIMS Marksheets and a powerful set of analysis reports to create a complete assessment solution. We have developed the product in partnership with a variety of schools and LA advisers to ensure it meets the demands of a modern learning environment.

Our straightforward assessment system records and analyses:

  • Regular summative assessments per pupil
  • Progress & Targets
  • Comparison between groups

SMART is available to all Primary and Nursery schools, and can be purchased regardless of whether you have a support contract with 3BM.


How does it work?


Statement Tracking

The tracking process begins with customisable teacher spreadsheets for recording at statement level. Detailed summaries display pupil grade estimations and attainment gaps. Teachers can examine the attainment for individual statements and easily ascertain whether it needs to be covered again for the class or a limited cohort.


SIMS Marksheets

Grades are stored in SIMS marksheets on a termly or half-termly basis. Conditional colouring draws your attention to those who need more support and targets can be set on an individual basis.


Analysis Reports

A set of reports can be run directly from SIMS with a wide variety of analysis tools. View attainment and progress by a multitude of pastoral groups including Pupil Premium, EAL Ethnicity, FSP and KS1 Attainment.

The data is shown in a variety of formats. Individual Graphs help to analyse a pupil’s progress whilst Grade Distribution Graphs examine an entire year group by their pastoral factors. All reports are in a printable format that can be used for review meetings or governance.

Please get in touch if you require further details or download the SMART Flyer here.

The majority of SIMS reports have static outputs, presenting basic statistics with little insight. The 3BM Analysis Reports allow you to delve deeper and gain a greater understanding of your data. They can be manipulated on the fly with a variety of analysis tools, allowing you to target various cohorts and performance thresholds. Our three reports focus on Pupil Attendance, Behaviour and Staff Attendance. Each one is designed to draw your attention to possible areas for investigation and to maximise the value of your data.

Our suite of Analysis Reports are provided as part of the SIMS Support SLA but can also be purchased regardless of whether you have a contract with 3BM.


Attendance Report

The 3BM Attendance Report helps you to analyse attendance data across the school for various cohorts. Built-in graphs and interactive filters allow you to examine different groups of pupils such as EAL, Pupil Premium, etc. or to focus on certain attendance levels (i.e. Persistent Absentees).

The data is in a printable format with automatically generated summaries. It can be used by attendance officers to identify issues, by senior leaders to inform decision making or as evidence for third parties such as OFSTED. Click here to view the Attendance Report flyer or contact us for more information.


Behaviour Report

The 3BM Behaviour Report allows you to analyse behaviour incidents for the entire school, groups and individuals. Incidents are grouped into several categories such as type, activity, location and day of the week. Pupils can be filtered into existing or customised pastoral groups to compare with the overall cohort.

Visualise the data and identify trends with a variety of charts in a printable format. The report can quickly produce detailed summaries for individual pupils and print them in bulk. All of your customised incident types and lookups are supported so you can get a greater understanding of the behaviour within your school.

Click here to view the Behaviour Report flyer or contact us for more information.

Staff Absence Report

The 3BM Staff Absence Report offers in depth analysis of absence by department, role or at an individual level. Filters can be applied to focus on teaching staff, specific roles or absence types. Summaries display the absence types and totals by role. View absence breakdowns for individual members of staff and bulk print for review purposes.

We offer structured training, briefings and workshops, held in our dedicated training room on our Addison site, in London W14.

We provide the perfect opportunity to improve your skills, plus by linking remotely to your school you can work on your own data in a supported environment.

Training Courses

A programme of structured SIMS training courses, with practical, hands-on exercises and a comprehensive handbook to take away. 3BM produce our own training courses and documentation to specifically meet the needs of our delegates. For further information see our Training Schedule


Regular briefings on statutory data returns giving you up to date information and guidance.


Our overview sessions give schools the opportunity to view new products or SIMS functionality, supporting the development of systems within your school.


Insets for groups of staff can be arranged either in our training room or at school e.g. SIMS Assessment training for teachers.


In our workshops we use secure remote links to your SIMS system giving you an opportunity to work on your own data in a supported environment.

“The training courses are excellent; extremely well run and very well-tailored to the demands of our job. The handouts are extremely useful and a good reference point.”

Vanessa Hammerton - Admin. Assistant, Avonmore Primary School (LBHF)